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Helpful Information

HOA governance & fees

The Dolphin Manor HOA is governed by elected homeowners on a rotating basis. Every homeowner is expected to take a turn. Positions include President, VP, Treasurer, & Secretary. The current board members are noted on the Resident Directory page.


HOA fees are due quarterly. The annual dues amount is agreed upon yearly at the October homeowners meeting. Fees are mailed to the currently serving HOA Treasurer. Any Special Assessment (ex: roof replacement) is also agreed upon at the yearly October meeting.

Security Gate

The Garfield Pkwy pedestrian gate locks magnetically. The code to enter & exit is 6260 for all homeowners. Please be sure the gate closes behind you! 

Recycling Schedule

Until a common recycling area is created, please roll your recycling bin to the entrance of the community. Offseason pickup is Wednesday morning. Summer pickup is Thursday morning. Recycling bins should be left out the night before to ensure pick up. Click here for additional information.

Paint Colors

Front doors are Sherwin-Williams Shamrock, color #6454


HOA has a contract with Sposato Landscaping for mowing, mulching, weed control. Homeowners gather yearly for a work weekend of spring cleanup and planting flowers at the entrance. Homeowners are free to enhance their individual home area with flowers and additional plantings. Please consider watering the crepe myrtles across from your home as needed.

HOA repair/maintenance requests

As a condo association, some repairs/maintenance may be the responsibility of the HOA. The general rule of  "studs in/studs out" applies. The HOA would be responsible for the studs out repairs with shared common property excluded. Please refer to the Condominium Declaration for specifics. Please reach out to the board before starting any common area or studs out repairs and follow up with a written request for approval. Repair/Maintenance request form can be found on the Documents page.

Social Media

Dolphin Manor has a private Facebook group in order to share informal information, photos, or other interesting information! Just search Dolphin Manor to join.

Recommended Contractors


Kevin Smith  |  631-988-4100

House Cleaning

Cat's Cleaning  |  Catalina  |  302-313-1689  |

Fireplace Maintenance/Repair

Mike the Fireplace Guy302-249-2881  |

Power Washing

All Clean Power Washing  |  877-325-3215

*annual siding power washing with a volume discount is scheduled for interested DM homeowners 

Carpet/Tile Cleaning

Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning |  302-945-0100


Dennis Marvel  |  302-258-7147

General Contractor

R&R Services  |  Mark Herr  |  386-4499317

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